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Buying Process

It's a lot more than finding your dream home and negotiating price. The real goal is getting to closing.

An Overview of Real Estate Financing.

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We are dedicated to keeping your best interests in the forefront. Ahead of all others. Ahead of our own.

Our Selling Method

Selling Method

It comes down to three main factors to deliver results and a top dollar sale. We've got this.

Luxemark puts you first. Above all others.

The Difference

An introduction to Luxemark Realty, our team and how we are different.

Our Markets

The Central Florida areas we serve best. The Exceptions. Capabilities and Specialties.


Choosing a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable Agent in today's real estate environment is a must.


It's important. Contracts, addendums and other documents associated with a successful real estate transaction must be carefully crafted to prevent legal issues down the road. Knowing how to write it right the first time helps to avoid snags and issues as the transaction moves along. Knowing what to look for in other Realtor's documents is essential. Then there is the closing process which demands close monitoring and explicit performance. Our knowledge and experience will help safeguard your interests. Luxemark's Principal Broker has specialized skills and experience in these areas that very few Realtors can match.

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Real Estate is Complicated

A real estate transaction is no place to trust an inexperienced Broker or Agent. The modern day real estate transaction has many complex parts and processes that need to be carefully prepared, monitored and performed. If we see something that requires legal advice from a licensed attorney, we will know when to recommend that you consult one for a legal opinion. *Only an attorney is permitted to give you legal advice.

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Closings Can Be Challenging

Though it may seem like a closing is a lot of complex work, it’s worth the time and effort to get things right without last minute hurrying and stress. It involves many steps and procedural formalities. A lengthy list of things has to happen--mostly in the proper order--before you can close. We will carefully guide you through the entire process keeping you safe and your best interests in the forefront.


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